Who We Are

We are INCARD, the leading innovative loyalty system provider in Asean.
We create ultimate value for business cultivation towards clients, customers
and members determined by nature of business.

Deliver Proven Results

Award Winning

Industry Class Sector
Mobile Membership & Loyalty Solution Apps


We also support major top brand across all channel persuing their passion creating
powerful tools and campaigns. Whether they need data, analysis, strategy, loyalty
program, a social campaign, an email plan and the technology to bring it to life.


Introducing the INCARD Loyalty System, most powerful, secure and reliable loyalty
program. The successful mechanism thus undeniable to generate more to your profit.

  • Loyalty Points

    Reward your customer with real-time membership points collection & redemption. Managable instantly.

  • Top-up & Credits

    Collect and manage membership credit in advance cashless transaction with secure protection.

  • E-Stamps

    Manage promotion stamps virtualy without conventional pre-printed card, massive cost saving.

  • Mobile Apps

    Innovative cardless membership or hybrid as we adapt to understand your nature of business.

  • E-Voucher

    Distribute enormous amount of voucher easily, fast and controllable at only your fingertip.

  • Secure & POS API Ready

    Advance banking technology which offer secure transaction within API's ready for integration.